Automatic medicine dispenser

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Automatic dispenser for medicines, the unit tasked to support care for people receiving significant amounts of medication. By using microprocessor technology it became possible to implement various functions which improve its quality.

The main function of the device is dispensing the prepared portion of medication three times a day throughout the week. Tray medication is designed in the form of a cylinder / disk divided into 21 compartments.

The rotor is a system of compartments forming a total of 21 cells to store the prepared dose of medicament. Changing his position to allow the adoption or load portion medication. This is done by opening the pawls at the top and bottom. The stator part is secured to the electronics housing cartridge, which is also the base of the dispenser. In the lower part there is a container given medication and sensor download them. As part of the executive in the work undertaken used the stepper motor positioning the rotor in the proper position in the process of charging and issuing medicines.

The communication interface with the user device is a Bluetooth transmission module and an LCD display. The procedure for storage tank is controlled from the computer application. The user selects a time and day for which wants to hold, and then automatically set the tray in the indicated position. Through the top opening of the user places the prepared tablets inside. The list of drugs to be loaded is displayed automatically in the computer program if previously defined and stored on the SD card located in the tray. During the charging process the user has the ability to create and edit the list of medicines.

The procedure for issuing medicines is configured from a software program. Guardian defines the hours in which to be issued a predefined portion of the medication and the time after which it will be informed via SMS if the patient does not collect the tablets. These settings are saved in EEPROM.

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